Spring replacement


Whether it is torsion springs or extension springs that you need replaced, here at Apache Junction Garage Door Repair, our service is of a superior nature and cannot be compared with that of any other company. If you don’t believe us give us a call today!

We have extensive experience in all kinds of garage door spring replacements. Our many years in the business give us an advantage over the new upcoming companies. We are well established and our reputation will prove that to you.

We take the time to teach all our valued customers that garage door springs need to be replaced frequently because they do wear out and can eventually snap after they have exhausted their life cycle.

For most homes, the garage door has become the main entrance way into the home. Given this statistic, a new spring that is put in today, will most likely need to be replaced within the next three to five years. It is our job to be there to help you replace the springs when the time comes.